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Underground utility work, while not the prettiest, is the services you most rely on every day in your home and business.

Underground Utility Services are provided by GTA Underground Services, our Underground Division. Whether it involves work on water chambers, sewer removal and rebuild, repair or installation of all utilities, we are more than capable. Our in-house team self performs our work and take pride in providing quality workmanship with underground connections, rebuilds, replacements and repairs.

Our safety certifications and memberships in multiple Ontario construction associations bolster our place in the industry, as does our extensive knowledge in up-and-coming construction applications. Consider that we only work in the GTA, and the nature and scope of our experience broadens. Given that utilities are essential needs on their own, efficiency and expediency matters. You need people who know what they are doing; professionals committed to doing things right the first time in a safe manner.

We are those people.

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Our expertise is Infrastructure construction in the Greater Toronto Area. We have extensive experience working in densely populated urban landscapes that showcases our vast unparalleled knowledge in redesign and rebuilding municipal streetscapes to improve both their function and aesthetics.

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