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CRCE Construction Group is a collective of seasoned professionals offering a range of services throughout the Greater Toronto Area that include infrastructure construction, streetscaping and unique landscaping as well as underground utilities.

For over 30 years CRCE has offered an ever-expanding range of professional construction services to municipalities, infrastructure consortiums, commercial and private builders.

As innovators in the industry, the quality of our work is unparalleled. Our distinction? We self perform much of the work in our projects. Our operations are seamless, and our teams are all in-house. Our close-knit teams of highly qualified dedicated professionals provide exceptional customer service and commitment to achieving our clients desired outcomes. This is what has continued to fuel our growth and success.

Our services continue to expand. We work with multiple municipalities including the City of Toronto, York Region, Region of Peel and Halton Region, and municipal transit groups such as Metrolinx and Toronto Transit Commission. We also work with infrastructure consortiums and commercial and private builders and have successfully completed hundreds of road reconstruction and public transit projects. Throughout all is an outstanding safety record. We are honored to be a certified COR company, the result of a well-trained team that is deeply committed to safety on every site and in every position. We do not just meet legislative requirements; we exceed them at every turn.

Why We’re Different

 We stand apart because of the strong relationships between our team members. Our in-house crews are experts in their respective fields, from foremen to cement finishers, project managers to estimators, surveyors, health and safety staff, mechanics, site supervisors and every other necessary position required to execute quality work, we have it all under one roof.

All are highly qualified, honest, and deeply dedicated to the work. With us you won’t have to worry about scheduling and coordination, self performing our  own quality work and excellent coordination with others is what we do best.


Safety Commitment

CRCE Construction Group is proud to be a certified member of COR, the Certificate Recognition Program administered in Ontario by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association, since 2017.

COR™ is aimed at driving positive workplace behaviour and practices that lead to improved performance.

Our impeccable safety record is proof that health, safety and the environment are a top priority for everyone at CRCE Construction Group. We do not just meet legislative requirements when it comes to health, safety, and the environment, we exceed them at every turn.

We have developed comprehensive health and safety and environment programs, with the input of all team members, and we continuously maintain and update our programs throughout the year.

Our crew members are committed to maintaining health and safety on our jobsites, they work each day to ensure the care and safety of all crew members, visitors, contractors, and members of the public that pass around and through our jobsites each day.

We are immensely proud of our safety record, and our health and safety goal is to improve on that record, year after year.



To ensure the success of each project CRCE takes on, we choose team members, co-workers and valued partners that share the same work ethic and values, and commitment to quality that we do.

Our staff are highly qualified individuals with long careers in the construction industry. Deeply dedicated professionals that are experts in their respective roles, both on the field and in office. Our valued team members are fully committed to CRCE’s core values of quality work and honest practices.

Our long-term reputation in this industry has been built by bringing the best people together, to excel at what they do, and how they work with each other.

As a unique contractor that self performs much of our own work, keeps positions in house, and owns and maintains our own equipment and service fleets, we confidently know the value in keeping our teams together, and the strength those teams will show on our projects, year after year.


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Our expertise is Infrastructure construction in the Greater Toronto Area. We have extensive experience working in densely populated urban landscapes that showcases our vast unparalleled knowledge in redesign and rebuilding municipal streetscapes to improve both their function and aesthetics.

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