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Our expertise lies in civil road infrastructure construction in the Greater Toronto Area, we have extensive experience working within densely populated urban neighbourhoods. Our knowledge in the building of municipal streetscapes to improve both their function and aesthetics is unparalleled. We are certified members in multiple Ontario construction associations and our safety record is impeccable.

Our specialty lies in having worked with multiple municipalities and public transit groups. We are proud of our major transit projects in the GTA, from streetcar tracks in the downtown core of Toronto to various GTA subway expansions and the latest light rapid transit projects connecting the City of Toronto from corner to corner. Civil road construction demands proper organization and coordination with stakeholders and the community. Attention to safety and environmental concerns is key, and we excel at both.

With us, you are in capable hands. Our in-house teams both on site and in office has the expertise to ensure civil road construction projects are completed accurately, from the first day on the site.

You need professionals who know how to plan in a way that minimizes the time required to complete the project without compromising on public impediments, safety, and the environment.

We can handle just about anything that comes up as we self perform the majority of our work on civil road projects. We have the teams, the assets, the knowledge, and the experience to guide a project successfully from start to finish.

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Our expertise is Infrastructure construction in the Greater Toronto Area. We have extensive experience working in densely populated urban landscapes that showcases our vast unparalleled knowledge in redesign and rebuilding municipal streetscapes to improve both their function and aesthetics.

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